Melbourne Rebels 2022 Replica Jersey Pasifika Ladies

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The Melbourne Rebels have collaborated with Melbourne-born Fijian artist Pauliasi Loganimasi to create the Club’s first Cultural Jersey to be worn during the 2022 Super Rugby Pacific season.

The Pacific cultural patterns and motifs that have been woven together represent the ancestral heritage that exists within the Club, and the love and respect we embody each time we wear our jersey.

The nod to the Tatau (Samoan) and Masi (Fijian) designs rest at the base of the jersey.

The sleeves are enveloped by the Ngatu (Tongan) with the red of the Kuki Airani (Cook Island) designs, distinct in its placement on the sleeves.

The coconut palm leaf symbolises the tree of life that provides sustenance and shelter, while the wave pattern highlights the Pacific Ocean, which connects us all. It is our pathway of migration to Australia, and the voyage of discovery to new horizons, this ocean brought us together and led to our narrm (home), Melbourne.