Custom performancewear pioneer BLK has officially joined a select group of high-quality apparel providers after signing a deal with Touch Football Australia (TFA).

The deal names BLK as a licenced apparel supplier for three years, giving the company the unique privilege of supplying on-field and off-field team apparel bearing TFA and NRL Touch Football logos.

BLK is one of only ten companies across Australia awarded an apparel licence. Its custom performancewear will serve every level of touch football throughout the country, from representative to social teams.

There are over 320 touch football affiliates in Australia that cater for over 8,500 social teams, giving 700,0001 touch football participants across Australia access to BLK’s custom performancewear.

BLK Chairman Nilton Santos said the deal validated BLK’s longstanding commitment to engineering only the highest quality custom performancewear for teams “that want to go Beyond Limits Known”.

“As a licenced apparel supplier for Touch Football Australia, BLK has joined a very select group by meeting stringent quality control standards and is now permitted and endorsed to use the TFA and NRL Touch Football logos.”

“We are excited by this opportunity, particularly the chance it gives us to expand our presence in a fantastic sport with such a dedicated supporter base. We’re looking forward to including the TFA and NRL Touch Football logos on our custom performancewear, and helping turn more heads towards touch football across Australia,” Santos said.

The national agreement will officially commence May 15, 2023.