Since the invention of netball in 1901 the game has been at the forefront of women empowerment, equality and change in sport.

Netball is the champion for the rights of women and girls to have choices. Team sport and especially women’s team sports are experiencing a decline in participation numbers. With as many as 1 in 5 women and girls not comfortable wearing a dress whilst playing sport there is a necessity for change and to rewrite the rules to include all athletes by giving them a choice in what they feel comfortable competing in.

This is not about removing the dress which still plays a vital part in Netball, but to include a new range of products that along with the dress, can be worn by all athletes.

The new range is a shift from tradition to comfort and uses data driven by community consultation to offer a range that suits infinite body shapes, infinite personalities and can truly move with the times.

Today in partnership with our professional teams BLK would like to introduce our Netball Inclusion Range.

Featuring five new on-court options the range features a Long Sleeve Top, Short Sleeve Top, Singlet, Leggings and Short Shorts. An extended range of the original dress is also available. The new range will be made available to all clubs, schools, organisations and BLK’s professional team network.

BLK CEO Tyron Brant mentioned “At BLK, we want more people playing sport. We encourage inclusion and we want to play a part in making this happen by removing any obstacles that may contribute to the current decline in athlete numbers.”

It’s time to rewrite history. It’s time to include everyone.

For more details on the range please visit: http://teamwear.blksport.com/netball-uniforms/

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