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Born from the fray of over 2 million games, BLK would like to intro its brand new entry level fabric.With a subtle lighter feel to the body, the fabric itself has increased 4-way stretch while improving the bursting strength by 40%.  resulting in improved bursting strength.

Hydro+ also boasts new Hydrophilic technology, allowing moisture be drawn away from the body and pass through to the surface of the fabric letting evaporation take place.The heat of the game the athlete is kept cool, dry and comfortable. Our first fabric upgrade in 5 years is now ready for weekend punishment.


Seamless construction, lightweight fabric, and moisture control technology without compromise of strength and durability.

When it comes to performance and reaching beyond your limits, nothing should stand in your way, including your apparel. That’s why we’ve developed BLK Motion Knit – a seamless, lightweight option that lets you move as one with your apparel.

As an athlete you should focus on nothing more than reaching your peak performance. The combination of seamless construction and moisture wicking technology in our BLK Motion Knit removes all distraction. It enables free movement without moisture build-up and abrasion – the primary causes of chaffing and irritated skin – allowing you to maintain concentration and smash through both mental and physical limits.

BLK product is all about durability and strength and that is no different in our BLK Motion Knit. Instead of the traditional method of lengthwise knitted rows, our fabric is knitted in zigzags along its length. This manufacturing technique allows you to capture the benefit of seamless construction, lightweight fabric, and moisture control without compromise of strength and durability.