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West Indies sign with BLK for 3 years!

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Our mission is to empower esports teams and e-athletes with the functionality and emotional edge they need to go Beyond Limits Known.

BLK is more than just a physical statement. It is an attitude. A drive to reach the unknown and be the best. A motivation evoked through the sense of solidarity, the sense of being a part of something bigger than oneself. This emotional edge inspired by the team conscious is manifested in our brand and our product.

Just like in the esports industry, BLK understands that constant innovation and improvements in performance can only be achieved by operating outside the boundaries of everything that has gone before. Every one of our products is forged from the ground up, with the athlete’s and teams’ needs as our central focus and inspiration. Our product is designed in a way that ensures that the wearer performs at the highest possible level all while staying comfortable and cool under pressure. Whether its the technological know how to keep you at your peak or the latest advances in design techniques and high end fabrics to keep you looking your best – BLK product will not only meet your performance needs but empower you to break through your limits and achieve what you never thought capable.

Teams all around the world wear BLK custom teamwear and we are now bringing our extensive industry expertise to the esports scene. We will work hand-in-hand with you to deliver products that are fully bespoke and capture your exclusive heritage, values and character.